27 August 2008

Quote from As-Syahid Syed Qutb

"Indeed our words will remain lifeless ,
barren, devoid of any passion, until we
die as a result of these words, whereupon
our words will suddenly springs to life
and live on amongst the hearts that are
dead,ringing them back to life as well.."

"My brother,do not look back,your path
has been covered in blood,and do not look
here or there,and do not look except to
the sky!"

"Our whole environment,people's beliefs
and ideas,habits and art,rules and laws-
is Jahiliyyah,even to the extent that what
we consider to be Islamic culture,Islamic
sources,Islamic philosophy and Islamic
thought are also constructs of Jahiliyyah!"

"A shaheed is someone who presents a testament
(shaaadah) with his soul and blood that his faith
and religion is dearer to him than the world.
For this reason, he exerts his soul and life in
redemption to the religion of Allah."

"Verily,the index finger that testifies to the
oneness of Allah in prayer,utterly rejects to
write even a letter,endorsing the rule of the
tyrant"-Said when he was asked to seek pardon from
Abdel Nasser


sunahm said...

salam..yg dalam gmbr tu Syed Qutb ke?

admin said...

yup..antara pejuang ikhwanul muslimin yg berjuang dgn mata penanya..syahid d tali gantung..

admin sm.asasian.net said...

owh..baru first time ana tgk gmbrnye..sblum ni slalu tgk gmbr As-Syahid Imam Hassan al-Banna je..hurm..