16 January 2009


Here i've listed out the products of the Jews and its supporters..lets together we unite and help our muslim brother n sister in Palestine. This is a method that we can helps them,'istiqamah' and keep boycott these products,InsyaAllah..

Keep your eyes with this barcode, a bar code starting with '729' indicated that this product is made in Israel. Please engrave this numbers '729' in your mind, your children's and everyone you can.

729 Israeli Bar Code Association-EAN Israel

"And the Jews and the Christians will never be placed with you unless you follow their system of belief (creed).." Al-Baqarah 120

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Anonymous said...

Tumpang tanya ye en aizat,barcode 729 is for m'sia or what,but i find that no 729 on israel product..juz 2 know -:ash-shiddiqah