03 March 2009

Journey to the north

friends n i..waiting n searching for 'something'..  

For the long period..my blog r not updated..
almost 5days brainstorming trip..to the north regions of malaysia..to gain knowledges and experiences..
it all about final year project,ideas and comments from lecturer and frends..benefits for the coming stages of design development..not only several ideas but also the spirit and motivation in order to finish and complete my final project..
im hoping for the next next day will be good ending for me in campus..

1++ month remaining..huhu

'The Graduation Day'..here i come..InsyaAllah..

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myikhwanfiideen said...

salam LEgenDz..

1++ month remaining.. Many interpretation can be produce from dis statement!

I make doa for u.. Then.. Don forget about me ye..


me said...

alahai sheikh..sedih bunyinya tue..anyway, insyaAllah sama2 kita doakan..

Anak Pendang Sekeluarga said...

Salam ziarah,tuan pinjam gambar makam nabi...sila ziarah blig saya untuk tujaan muzakarahh dan jangan lupa add blog saya..tq